Pricing Your Artwork

How would you feel when someone comments “your artwork is too expensive?” After all the intense hard work and passion that has gone through the artwork, should you take it for granted that the spectator is completely unaware of the value of the work or should it be taken personally? But you are not alone. A lot of other artists have been in your shoes just like you not knowing what to say.

But with a little positive attitude and a few little tricks, you can be more professional even in such unbearable situations. Who knows you may even close a deal!

Here are 5 ways to handle that moment “Your artwork is too expensive”

#1. Closing the Deal

Not everyone knows artwork. Otherwise, there might not be such a question in the first place. Grab this opportunity to explain about your creation, the endeavor, and exertion you have made and slowly justify the price. Such questions are great conversation starters and a golden opportunity to explain about your style and creations. It may also be the best time to seize the moment with your awards and accolades in your career. This could be an eye opener to the values of your work. After all, you are the best person in the world to market yourself.

#2. Knowing your customer’s budget

If the customer feels “your art is too expensive”, it is a sign you are dealing with a potential customer. Maybe it’s beyond their budget. Ask them what price they are looking for and direct them to some of your lower priced artworks. This way you sell more artwork at the same time make your customers happy. If they still don’t find the right piece, enroll them for your newsletters or to your next exhibitions. If not this time, maybe next.

#3. Educating the Audience

Almost all artwork out there is the end result of hard work, devotion, and dedication. One cannot simply understand the complexity of creating an artwork. It has to be explained from the creator’s mind. This can give the audience a whole new perspective of the way they look at the artwork. Not everyone has the patience, but an art enthusiast will certainly listen. The more they understand, the easier it is for you to push your work.

#4. Say Thank you

Saying “Thank you” might even be offensive sometimes. But it’s the best you can do to turn the awkward situation into a positive one. Gleefully establish the fact that great artworks costs a fortune and at the same time execute humbleness in your every move. Who knows you might even blandish your customers with true majesty and class.

#5. Let them walk away

If you sense the comment was just to bring you down on the price, just walk away. The customer may not know the true value and may try to bargain it all the way down to his comfort zone. Don’t let this happen as you may look foolish in the end rather than simply letting it go.

Just walking away could be rude and embarrassing too. But give attention to customers who are more willing to share your mind’s creations. its definitely worth it and may even see some sales.

Say it with all your heartIf you are facing it for the first time, then probably you are a newcomer. People of such sort happen to be everywhere and you cannot avoid these situations. It only matters how prepared you are to embrace such position. The more intellectually you answer, the more professional you become. Answer with all your heart, sincerely and with a big smile. It may even lead to a big sale!


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