Selling Art on Social Media

Social media has always been a great platform for advertising purposes, managing to offer a wide variety of tools and a large audience. Nowadays, many artists are using social media as a standard marketing method, for promoting and selling their creation. Still, there are some artists who didn’t have great results on social media and they were disappointed about the outcome. Like any other long-term campaign, social media advertising requires lots of dedication, a good strategy and a good knowledge of SM marketing tools. In the following, we will provide some helpful tips, which will improve your social media marketing campaigns, allowing you to sell more of your creations.

1) Perseverance

There are many people who tried to promote their art on social media, but abandoned this idea after a short while. This happened because their expectations were too high, and they were hoping to make a sale, as soon as they’ve posted the ad. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Social media is great for marketing, but it will not generate sales immediately. Like any other industry, even here, you will face a rough competition and you need to stand above them. How? With PERSEVERANCE! Be committed to your campaigns and always try to improve them. Build yourself a small network and share your works with them. Instead of wanting fast results, try to wait for them. You will start making sales when you least expect it.

2) Personal Interaction

The marketing strategy of an artist, differs a lot from a company’s marketing strategy. When you want to sell art through social media, you have to understand that your potential buyers are interested in both your work and your personality. After all, your art has to be personal and related to some events from your life. If you establish a personal connection with your audience, they will learn to appreciate you and they will find your work more interesting. However, you should avoid talking about religion, politics, geo-political issues and any other sensitive topics.

3) Find a Certain Social Media Platform

If you have deep marketing knowledge or know how to handle all the major social media platforms, that’s great. But if you don’t, you shouldn’t put too much time in that. It’s pointless to spend time in mastering new platforms, when you don’t have an established strategy, for at least one. If you’re a beginner in SM Marketing, focus on one platform. Try to master its secrets and understand how you can attract more audience. Once you’ve done that, you can move to other social media platforms.

4) Master the Secrets of Your Chosen Platform

Once you’ve settled upon a certain platform, you should find all its marketing tools, and learn how to use them. Thankfully, social media is more marketing-friendly, than it was 5 years ago, and this will be highly beneficial for you. There are many ways to promote yourself on social media. Even if you create yourself an audience network or if you opt for payed advertising, it’s important to understand how everything works. Many artists are choosing Facebook, as a default advertising platform. If you want to use Facebook as well, you should access a very popular topic, called Advertiser Help Center. Here, you will find some information about the most popular marketing trends and tools, sufficient for getting you started. If you use Payed Advertising, it’s better to learn some of the practices, because you don’t want to spend money in vain.

5) Set Some Goals

Obviously, the main goal when we advertise on social medias is to make sales. But, like we’ve mentioned before, things aren’t so simple. Of course, the main goal of your whole promotion is to sell your work, but there are a few more steps until there. If you want to be successful on social media and to get results, you have to understand the value of a conversion. Every person that clicked your link, left a positive comment, subscribed with its e-mail address or put some of your work in a buying wishlist, represents a conversion. Even though that certain person isn’t bringing you any money for now, it’s highly possible that he / she will make a purchase in the near future. In this context, your goals should be represented by the number of conversions, and not by the number of sold paintings. If the conversion rate is high, the money will come as well. They always do!


In this society, a talented artist is not necessarily a successful artist. It depends entirely on you if you learn how to promote yourself and let the others see your true value. Start following a sustainable marketing strategy on a social media platform, and you will soon reach success.


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