Transitioning Your Career

Just like aspiring sportsmen, aspiring artists need to take bold steps in order to change their art career into a full-time job. Doubts and fears are the biggest obstacles that prevent talented artists from taking the bold steps. If you look at those that are successful in this industry, you will notice that their career paths have a lot of similarities. They had a clear plan that implemented without getting distracted by the many challenges that they faced. Your paint strokes and gallery submissions should be aimed at taking you to the next level. The following steps will help you to build a solid foundation, and set you up for success as a full-time artist.

Know why you want to be a full-time artist

It is important to be honest with yourself about your career aspiration. Why do you want to become a full-timer? You should know the time and resources that you will have to invest in the job. In addition to that, you need to be aware of the fatigue that comes with moving away from a part-time schedule. Unless you really know why you want to establish a full-time career out of this, it will not be easy for you. With honesty, comes a passion that pushes you to do the things that you hardly cared about when you were working part-time.

Are you ready for the task?

No matter how motivated you are, transitioning your art career into a full-time job is going to come with a lot of challenges. This is going to be more than just coming up with pieces of art. For example, you need to start positioning yourself as a new business owner. To make a living you of this, you have to brace yourself for the responsibilities that come with running a business. This is the reason why you should determine whether you are ready for such a business. This is the only way you can properly plan for your new venture and succeed.

Learn from others and be confident

Artists are known to have extraordinary confidence when doing their job. This is attributed to the fact that they are some of the most creative people in this world. Therefore, you will need to step up your confidence when you choose to move to the next level. You cannot enjoy a successful full-time career when you have too much self-doubt. Just learn to believe in yourself and things will work out. This will be much better if you learn from other self-timers. You do not have to copy everything that they did. However, if a few of them can share their experiences, you will know how to avoid most of the mistakes that they committed.

You also need to prepare yourself financially and emotionally. Transitioning your art career into a full time job required more investment. You will need to pump more money and time into it. However, when you finally hit the road running, you will look back at your journey and say to yourself that it was worth the effort.


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