Boosting your Brand Through Marketing

Coming up with a strong brand is very important when you want to turn your art into a business. This is mainly because the brand you develop is the one that will drive the marketing plans you have. In fact, this particular approach is applicable to every business that wants to do effective internet marketing. Getting a strong brand might sound much easier than it actually is. This is especially if you are not able to properly tell the difference between marketing and branding. You might also experience challenges if you do not know exactly when to start. This makes it paramount to effectively know the differences between branding and marketing.

To understand these differences between these two important components for any business we reached out to our brand strategist. To effectively build your brand and grow your business you need to follow these four principles which have successfully been used by professional marketers.

  1. Dig Extra Deep to Discover Your Brand

First of all you need to get rid of the believe that a brand is just a logo and a website. This is mainly because to successfully brand your art you need discover yourself. You need to know exactly what your audience will see and think when they come across your brand. You also need to know exactly why you make the kind of art you make and the message you are trying to put across through the art. The message your art puts across will be your unique identity and this is what your audience will think whenever they come across your name. You will be selling an emotion and experience with your art. The brand you create will turn the audience from strangers to customers.

  1. Ensure You Leverage Your Brand So That You Can Engage an Audience

The brand you develop will be the main thing that creates a strong following for you. You will win the trust of the audience and this trust is the one that will turn the audience to customers. In some situations especially while scaling a business branding is considered to be even more important than marketing. The brand you create will be the main pillar of your business for it is the one that will make you relatable to your customers. When you are not a relatable brand you will not have customers and therefore nobody to market to. If you make your personality a part of the message then it will be easier to commit to your brand. When you are totally true to yourself and to what you belief in then your brand will say exactly who you are. This will mean that the customers will relate to the values you believe in and not just your art. Therefore, creating a relatable brand will result to the process of selling your art more natural and therefore easier.

  1. Interact With Your Customers Through Marketing

Since you want to increase sales you have to promote your branded message. This is attributed to the fact that while marketing your work you are just expressing your brand. Artist Christine Rasmussen from My Art Resources defines doing marketing for your art as simply your pitch. It is precisely how you express yourself to people regarding the reasons they should buy your art. While doing marketing you are actually interacting with your customers and the community at large. You can even use your audience to determine where exactly where to market to them. If the customers spend a lot of time in the local farmers market you should make a point of putting some of your marketing materials in that area. If the brand you develop is focused on making people feel connected to the earth you should try to direct your marketing towards donating some of your profits to an environmental based organization. This will make your brand unique and easily recognizable.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Brand

The brand you develop will be carried in all the things your customers come into contact with. Such things include; social media, print and digital materials, vendors, emails, live events and the other marketing aspects you might decide to apply. We advise that if you are consistent with your art brand in all platforms you will eventually be able to create a loyal following. You will also be able to create diversification which will let you reach out to new areas and create a premium price.

Stay True To Your Self While At The Same Time Having Fun

Above all you should make sure you are having fun with the art you are creating. Make sure you apply your genuine creative trying not to copy anyone else. If the brand you create is showing who you are through your art you will be able to make your art and your art business come together in a smooth manner and you will be able to benefit more.


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