Celebrating Small Successes with our Art

It has been another successful semester of imagination and creativity and I would like to take a moment to celebrate the small successes that we have observed both inside and outside the classroom.

Celebrating Small Successes Around the Class

While everyone is hoping for that one big break, success is often accomplished in small portions which continue to build on each other.  Each of our students is celebrating a small victory this month.


Graffiti removal and re-purposing – Alec

Alec worked with local municipalities to identify areas around town which have experienced vandalism in the form of graffiti.  After three areas were identified he was awarded a grant to paint over the graffiti and replace it with artwork of his choosing.  The village awarded Alec in the form of a $6,000 grant which will cover the time and expense of his work. The village believes that people are less likely to vandalize another piece of artwork as opposed to a white wall.  This is a step in the right direction and anyone who will be driving past the elementary school will get to see his largest mural painting. Way to go Alec, we look forward to hearing about how you can continue to create and inspire those around you.

Chemical graffiti removal

Removing graffiti with a chemical cleaner. Wall will be repainted with a sponsored image.

Stained glass window replacement – Emily

Emily was a late comer in the class, but was able to join shortly after she had worked out a deal with the Baptist church where she was hired to remodel several of the stained glass windows that are located inside the church. All six of these windows require custom work, customer input, and extreme attention to detail.  For the first three weeks she worked with the board to identify which images to paint, the design, and shape of the glass. After the designs were finalized they commissioned her work for a whopping $7,500. We are very pleased with how the work is turning out, and we encourage all of the community to check out the new designs when they are finished and installed on August 1.


School Wall Painting – Danny

Danny found a great opportunity to repaint some of the school walls.  He partnered with the local elementary school to design educational paintings on the backside of the gym walls.  These walls are visible by all of the students during recess and by the track and field. Danny worked with the school board to identify topics such as athletics, geography, and teamwork to centralize his drawings around. His work was completed on June 8, and can be visible from the north east entrance.


Continue to build your art careers with one small success at a time.  Small successes combined with perseverance will create a lasting art career.

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