How We Can All Learn From Art

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We’ve all heard that phrase before. So what does that mean for Art?  Art is is a way of expressing beauty, emotions, and feelings, in a way that can help make sense of the world and problems around us. Art teaches and saves key moments in history by freezing frames and perspective of individuals from those time periods. Let’s take a moment and explore the different ways we can learn from all different forms of art.


Expressing your individuality through art

Art both through the image you’re creating or the lens in which the viewer sees it is a universal language used to express individuality both through conventional or even rebellious forms.

If painting or drawing isn’t your forte, consider something everyone loves, food! By exploring different spices, tastes, textures, and any combination thereof can be just as artistic. If you don’t believe me ask some of your local chefs or friends what their signature dish is, and see how variable it is based on who they are.  Ask them if their signature dish has ever changed and why. It is unbelievable how entire cultures have been formed and imbued with the local cuisine.


Expressing your individuality through music

It’s no surprise people like different music.  Have you ever considered what instrument you would want to learn to play? Why that instrument? If you do play an instrument, you have a great way to express your emotions through the melody, pauses, and rhythm in the songs that you play or write.  If you don’t have an instrument, try taking a moment to find a classical symphony or a instrumental version of a song you enjoy and listen to it. Academic learnings suggest that music has a direct and near instant impact on emotion. Therefore, listening to an upbeat song can positively impact you mood.


Expand your creativity

Take a walk through a part of your town that “you’ve been a million times”.  When you’re there try and notice something new or unique, something you haven’t noticed before. You might see a painting, a trail, or architectural feature that really speaks to you. All of these new features can be a new inspiration or expression of art.  They can, and will in time, bring out the creativity in us.

Paint your Creative Inspirations and Curiosity

As mentioned in the “Expand your creativity” section, take notice of a new feature that you are otherwise familiar with.  Take it a step further by painting this feature. If it’s something new try and make it stand out by painting it brighter or in a different style than the rest of the painting. This will allow the viewers to take notice of something they may have missed as well.  


Any work of art can help bring attention and appreciation to beauty

Many of the other ideas and ways to learn from art focused on painting, drawing, or photography.  Don’t be limited by the form you want to communicate your art through. It may be a sculpture, a painting, a poem, a short story, a novela, a sunset, a new sight, an old sight through a new lens. Whatever you appreciate or find inspiration in, we should to and think about it because that is how you perceive beauty. Lose our emotional baggage and get lost in the work of art you are focusing on.


Make a bucket list!

We’ve all seen movies about a bucket list or 100 things you must do or see before you die. Some people include films, places to see, things to eat, books to read, art to create, or an endless list of what may be important.  This idea is a great one. It will constantly remind us about the gaps in our knowledge and perspective and provide a way that the you are trying to fill that gap. It’s a wonderful way to increase awareness and beauty of the world around.


Art makes you happier

It’s no doubt that expressing your emotions and seeing or exploring the world around you will lead to a more fulfilling life. With this in mind, go out and look for ways to express yourself, to interpret the world around you, and make yourself happier in the process.

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